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Frequently Asked Questions

We will investigate road traffic offences such as dangerous driving, driving without due care and attention, careless driving, using a mobile phone, not wearing a seatbelt, contravening a red traffic light and contravening solid white lines, although this is not an exhaustive list

If there has been a serious physical or verbal act of violence following a driving incident this method of reporting should NOT be used.  The incident should be reported to Cumbria Constabulary by either ringing 999 if the incident is occurring now, alternatively, by telephoning 101 or emailing 101@Cumbria.Police.uk

No, we cannot enhance recorded footage, if you are unable to read the registration plate form the original clip, then the Police are unlikely to be able to read it when they replay the footage

The easiest way to do this is via the online Road Safety Concerns Form and follow the links for submitting dash cam footage 

No, the device you use to record the offence will not be taken from you, however, you MUST retain the original footage in case this needs to be produced at court

Please remove the footage form social media immediately,  Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) advice is that your footage should not be in the public domain as this could adversely affect any subsequent proceedings. 

Only if the images clearly demonstrate the offence being committed.  Dependent on the offence, the police may require the video footage of the whole incident.  They may also need to see more of your journey so they can understand the context of what has happened

Yes, as part of the Criminal Justice process and in order to allow the Police to deal with the offender in an appropriate manner, you will be required to provide a statement, however, this can be completed online and the majority of the statement will be completed as a result of you answering some simple, pre-formatted questions

Only a very small percentage of offences reported through Operation Snap result in a court appearance.  There are other disposal methods available such as a Driver Improvement Course or Fixed Penalty Notices.  The Police may not be able to prosecute the offence without you being willing to attend court

We do not have the capacity to feed back on every single submission, however, we will publish performance data on a regular basis

You need to be aware that when the Police review the footage which you submit, they are duty bound to also review the manner of your driving and also the manner in which the footage was obtained.  For example, if you were exceeding the speed limit in order to catch up with an offending driver and then proceeded to film them on your mobile phone whilst driving, the Police will also consider taking proceedings against you

We have a number of disposal methods available depending upon the nature of the offence,  The driver could be offered a driver education course, a Fixed Penalty Notice, a summons to attend court or we may decide we are unable to take any further action.  The footage submitted and the statement will be reviewed by a Police Prosecutor who will take all factors into consideration, including current CPS charging standards

Ideally, the date and time should be correct, it is used to support your Witness Statement.  You will need to account for any discrepancies in the date/time within the evidence you present to us.  Your Witness Statement must clearly state the date/time the incident occurred

The types of offences that we deal with generally have a 6 month time limit for prosecution.  The Police also have a strict legal obligation to inform the offending driver of the offence they have committed usually within 14 days of that incident,  Please ensure you submit your evidence as soon as possible,  Police can usually only continue with submissions that are received within 7 days of the incident

If you have footage of other possible offence which are not traffic related, please telephone 101 or email 101@Cumbria.Police.uk for advice

Footage submitted to Cumbria Constabulary may be used for media/training/publication purposes