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Any reports of parking issues (double yellow lines/loading bays), defective road/pavements/signage should be referred to the relevant local council or highway authority by clicking here.

For highway issues, please phone the Highways Hotline on 0300 303 2992. Find more information by clicking here.

Help us keep the roads of Cumbria safe by telling us about bad driving or sharing dashcam footage.

We can use this information to educate or prosecute drivers. If you think you’ve witnessed a traffic offence, or captured dashcam footage, we’d like to hear from you.

Offences we investigate include:

  • Overtaking on solid white lines
  • Using a mobile phone whilst driving
  • Failing to comply with traffic signals
  • Contravening traffic directions
  • Endangering other road user through poor driving

Report Online

This online service is for traffic offences, it is NOT for submitting footage of Road Traffic Collisions or any other offences.

Any reports of parking offences should be referred to the relevant local council or highway authority in the locality where it occurred.

Before continuing please ensure that you have read and understand our FAQs

Click on one of the below links to report online:

Report it - I have footage to Submit (Dashcam, Phone etc) to report with footage, you must be able to provide the registration number of the offending vehicle.

Report it - I don't have footage

Please try to report suspected offences within 14 days of them taking place. Due to the high number of submissions we receive, we are not able to respond to every report.

From time to time, we may use submitted footage to support road safety initiatives.