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Council Issues:

Neighbours parking in your space or across your driveway, and people abandoning vehicles on the street can seem like a matter for the police. However, the first point of contact is very often your local authority.

Click here to find out more about what constitutes nuisance parking and what to do if it’s affecting you.

It is an offence not to clean up after a dog that has fouled. However, it is not the responsibility of the police but that of the local authority. The maximum fine for this offence is £1000 or alternatively councils can issue a fixed penalty of £50.

If you know someone who allows their dog to foul and fails to clean up after the dog, you should make a note of the time and date of the offence and the details of the dog owner and then contact your local authority who will advise you how to proceed.

Local authority contact details can be found here:

Allerdale Borough Council  

Borough of Barrow in Furness 

Carlisle City Council 

Copeland Borough Council 

Eden District Council 

South Lakeland District Council 

There are no facilities at any of our police stations to take in stray, abandoned or unwanted animals, for dogs in the first instance you should contact the local council dog warden who can give you advice on what to do next.

If you have lost or found an animal, there are a few different numbers you can call to register the information. These numbers are listed below and also to the right of this page. 

It is always worth doing your own flyers and targeting neighbours in particular; ask them to check their outbuildings and keep an eye out for your missing pet.

Social Media is also a great channel to spread the message that your pet is missing and there are many groups on Facebook set up to help find missing animals.

Animals refuge – 01228 560082

Dog warden - 01228 817399

Local authorities have a responsibility for the maintenance and repair of most roads within their areas, including pavements or footways.

Common issues include potholes or other defects on the highway, damage or vandalism to council property, drainage or flooding, street light problems, traffic lights not working and more.

You can report a range of issues and problems online to Cumbria Highways 

You can also report via your relevant council website. Please see to the right of this page details of your local council.