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Why Have The Police Seized My Vehicle?

Section 165A gives the Police the power to seize vehicles which are being driven by uninsured drivers or drivers who do not have a valid driving licence or where a vehicle has failed to stop when required by Police and there is a suspicion that the vehicle is uninsured.

Retention and Disposal of Seized Vehicles
Once your vehicle has been seized the Officer will issue you with a seizure notice detailing where the vehicle will be taken.
By law the registered keeper or owner of the vehicle is responsible for claiming the vehicle back from the approved agent.
By law the registered keeper or owner has the responsibility to pay for the vehicle to be recovered. Fees are set in law and cannot be varied.

How Do I Get My Vehicle Back?
Cumbria Police have designated certain Police Stations to deal with the return of seized vehicles, therefore you MUST only attend the nominated station marked on the seizure notice.

You MUST only attend the Police Station during opening hours and in any case within the opening hours of The Motor Insurance Bureau which are Monday to Friday 0800 – 2100hrs and Saturday 0900 – 1700hrs.If you are applying for a new Insurance cover you must declare 1) seizure of your vehicle by Police and 2) impending prosecution for a driving licence or insurance offence.

Act Promptly – Timescales Are Tight
If your vehicle is seized, you have 7 days in which to produce your documents and a further 7 days to recover your vehicle.
The whole process is over within 14 days. After this time your vehicle can and will be disposed of. This process consists of crushing the vehicle or by selling it at auction.

Documents To Be Produced.
Faxed Or Photocopied Documents Will Not Be Accepted.

It is the responsibility of the registered keeper or owner to recover the vehicle within 14 days of it being seized.
If you are the registered keeper/owner you are required to produce:
1. Your driving Licence
2. A certificate of Insurance authorizing you to drive that vehicle
3. Evidence of ownership of the vehicle (V5 log book, bill of sale, and DVLA related documents relating to the seized vehicle)

Who Can Collect The Vehicle?
If the driver/registered keeper or owner cannot recover the seized vehicle for whatever reason, he or she can nominate a responsible person to recover it on their behalf. The responsibilities remain the same and the nominated person MUST PRODUCE at the Police Station stipulated on the seizure notice the following documents:
1. Their driving licence
2. A certificate of insurance authorizing them to drive that vehicle (check with insurance company first as some companies will not cover collection of a vehicle on behalf of someone else that has been lawfully seized by the Police)
3. Evidence of ownership of the vehicle. If the registered keeper does not attend with the nominated driver, the nominated driver needs to bring with them written confirmation from the registered keeper that they are authorised to collect their vehicle.

Your Conduct At A Police Station
Please be aware that the Police Front Counter Staff are NOT responsible for your vehicle being seized and are carrying out a function to assist you retrieve your vehicle.
Anyone abusing the Police staff will be subject to an investigation by the Police which may lead to an arrest and further prosecution. Please respect their role as they are there to assist you.