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Cumbria Road Safety Partnership is partnership working between the following agencies to make the Cumbria’s road safer and as a source of road safety information for residents of Cumbria:

Young Drivers

Young drivers are the drivers of the future and will go on to drive a range of vehicles during their lives.

It won't come as a surprise to learn that new drivers are at higher risk of accidents than other motorists - and the level of insurance premiums charged to younger drivers is clear evidence of the elevated risk that new drivers face when they first take to the road.

The Cumbria Road Safety Partnership offers subsidies on Pass Plus and Advanced driver training courses for more information visit - Young Drivers.

Older Drivers

As we get older, our risk of being involved in an accident increases.

Simply put, all those years of experience of driving safely begins to be overwhelmed by some of the inevitable physical and cognitive effects of ageing.

The CRSP are also offering the Drive Safely for Longer scheme to the residents of Cumbria.

For more information and advice visit – Older Drivers.


Cumbria has some of the finest riding road in Britain, not to mention a couple of famous biker meeting spots.

In short, the county is a fantastic place to ride a bike.

At the CRSP we want bikers to enjoy everything that our county has to offer; but most of all we want them to get home safely.

The CRSP also subsidise further training for motorcyclist visit - For Motorcyclists.