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We are aiming to provide an insight in to the advanced riding techniques used by police motorcyclists and how they can improve your safety and enjoyment whilst out riding.

The initiative is still in the development stage but we are looking to keep those interested in taking part informed of any launch dates. Your details will not be passed to any third party and will only be used to contact you regarding the road safety initiative for motorcyclists. We are asking for your name so we know what to call you and your postcode so we know where in the country you are so we can choose locations sites that suit you.

Top Tips

1. Check your tyre pressures from cold at least once a week using an accurate gauge
2. Inflate tyres to the level recommended in the manufacturer's handbook
3. Inspect tyres for cuts, bulges, uneven wear or objects embedded into the tread pattern and replace if necessary
4. Use dust caps to keep dirt away from the valve core and to act as a secondary air seal
5. If your rims are cracked or bent they should be replaced immediately
6. Check that your tread depth is not below the legal minimum of 1mm (for bikes over 50cc)
7. Replace old or damaged valve stems
8. Select the correct type of tyre for your machine and riding style
9. Check that both tyres fitted to the bike are made by the same manufacturer and have the same tread pattern
10. Make sure that your tyre has been fitted the right way round by checking the directional arrows on the sidewall
11. When replacing tube type tyres always use a new inner tube
12. Make sure your tyre/wheel assembly is balanced correctly
13. Keep oil and grease off your tyres using detergent if necessary
14. If you are unsure on any aspect of tyre pressure or tyre condition take your bike to an approved fitting centre and speak to the experts.