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This scheme does not replace any current procedures but is an additional scheme which allows the disclosure of information to be given to parents, guardians and carers to help them better safeguard their child / children’s safety and welfare.

Anyone can make an application to Cumbria Police about an individual if they are concerned including parent, guardian or third party such as neighbour, friend etc.

If Cumbria Police feel there is an immediate risk to the child / children then this will be dealt with using existing processes. If there is no immediate risk then the information will be gathered and communicated to the person who has care of the child within 45 days.

Cumbria Police will disclose information to the person who is best placed to protect the child / children such as parent, carer or guardian. If a third party made the application, they would not necessarily have the information disclosed to them if they were not the person, best able to protect the child / children.

Any information disclosed is confidential and is not to be released to the general public at any time. For information or to make an application and report a concern then contact us on 101.