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Top Tips for a safe festival weekend
  • Look after yourself & each other - stay together, plan somewhere to meet if you get separated.
  • Look after your things - keep your phone, bag, money, camera etc out of sight - don't draw attention to your stuff.
  • Drink responsibly; binge drinking makes you vulnerable & you'll have a much better time if you avoid over-doing it.
  • Never accept a drink from someone you don't know or trust.
  • Keep your drink with you at all times, if it looks or tastes suspicious don't drink it.
  • Watch out for your friends make sure they get home safely.
  • Don't walk home from the event - the roads will be dark & busy.
  • Never accept lifts from strangers or unregistered taxis.
  • Have fun & stay safe.

Don't let thieves spoil your festival

• Avoid taking unnecessary valuables with you - only take what you really need.

• Lock and empty your vehicles of valuables, and display a “Thieves Don’t bother” notice in windscreen. Leave the glove compartment open and conspicuously empty.

• Camp near friends - remember "safety in groups" When camping, try to camp near friends - you can look out for each others property when it would otherwise be unprotected. Thieves are less likely to strike when someone is nearby. Alternatively, make friends with your neighbours - the chances are they're friendly. Look out for one another!

• Label your property (including your tent) with your postcode - don't be subtle about it, make sure the marking is indelible and obvious as thieves prefer unidentifiable property.

• Tag your keys with a phone number.

• Take all valuables with you. To make life harder for thieves, consider leaving your tent untidy so there isn’t an obvious bag to grab quickly.

• While you are around the event site, look after your valuables. Don’t put your phone, bag, wallet, camera, etc. down even if it is close to you – most thieves are opportunists – don’t make it easy for them.

• If you need medication - keep it with you. Some prescription medicines are sought after by thieves. If you need to have medicines with you on site, keep them with you, or somewhere secure.

• If you are in a Caravan make sure your caravan or trailer can’t be towed away. Consider the following; good quality hitch lock, locking wheel nuts on the caravan / trailer wheels, wheel clamps, keep a note of any serial numbers, mark the chassis with your postcode, and fitting a shed–type alarm inside your caravan.