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Safeguarding your phone

As many as 10,000 mobile phones are stolen every month, many from unattended cars, across the UK. 

Children of school age are more likely to be victims of mobile phone theft compared with adults. Two thirds of the victims are aged between 13 and 16. Some of these thefts involve threats or actual violence.

Practical measures you can take to keep your phone safe
  • Use your phone's security lock code, if it has one
  • Record details of your electronic serial number (ESN) and consider separate insurance
  • Put your postcode on the phone and battery to help police identify stolen ones
  • Don't attract attention to your phone when you are carrying or using it in the street
  • Don't park in isolated or dark areas
  • Don't leave your phone in an unattended car - if you must, lock it out of sight
  • It only takes seconds for a thief to smash a window and steal your phone
  • Inform your service provider if your phone is stolen or lost
  • To get your stolen or lost phone blocked call your network provider immediately

If you have information about stolen mobile phones, or any other crimes, please call Cumbria Police on 101, or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.