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It clearly sets out what victims can expect – your key entitlements – from those people dealing with your crime, from first point of contact, which is usually reporting a crime, through to charge and/or outcome, including a court case. The code also sets out your rights as a victim.

Select Here to read the Code of Practice for Victims of Crime and supporting materials

Nobody asks to be a victim of crime. Even what, to some people, might appear to be a minor crime can have a significant impact on the victim, causing inconvenience, worry or stress. More serious crimes can, of course, cause even greater problems for victims, and also to those who witness such crimes.

One of the jobs of the Criminal Justice System is to try and minimise the impacts of crime on victims and witnesses, through providing information, support and help when it is most needed. More often than not, this process starts when the crime is reported, and runs through the investigation, court hearing or trial and, in some cases, well beyond.

Impact Statement Forms for Business

Select Here for more information and to download Business Impact Statement Forms. This also forms part of the new Victims Code.