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Preventing incidents

Be alert

All members of staff should maintain vigilance at all times, anything unusual, e.g. people loitering outside, should be noted and reported to management or the police. Keep windows clear to allow good vision.

Put up a sign asking motorcyclists to remove helmets before entering premises. Be suspicious of those not complying. Put a height marker near the door to help description taking.

Vision and lighting

Maintain a high level of lighting inside and outside the premises. Be careful when putting up displays and signs, ensuring good vision inside premises and through windows.

Early acknowledgement

Visitors or customers should be made aware that a member of staff has seen them enter. In other words eye contact should be made.

Dangers of habit

Company premises holding large sums of money are most vulnerable when staffing levels are low, e.g. during lunch hours or when opening or closing the business. Staff working alone need extra security arrangements.

While it is accepted that procedures within any organisation are necessary, predictable routines should always be avoided, e.g. vary cash delivery/collection times and routes to and from your bank or business. If it is necessary to hold large sums of cash, consider professional cash handling services.

Reduce the risk

Reduce the quantity of cash held in tills by using deposit safes with time controls.

Know your emergency procedures

All staff should familiarise themselves with company procedures and the above contents of this page.