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The code of practice for Victims of Crime was published in December 2013, updating the previous code published in 2006. The code places statutory obligations on the police and probation services, the courts, Youth Offending Teams and other criminal justice agencies.

It clearly sets out what victims can expect - your key entitlements - from those people dealing with your crime, front first point of contact, which is usually reporting a crime, through to charge and/or outcome, including a court case. The code also sets out your rights as a victim.

Nobody asks to be a victim of crime. Even what, to some people, might appear to be a minor crime can have a significant impact on the victim, causing inconvenience, worry or stress.

More serious crimes can, of course, cause even greater problems for victims, and also those who witness such crimes.

Having recorded your crime, we will:
  • Tell you if there is not going to be an investigation into the crime within 5 days of you reporting it.
  • Give you an opportunity to make a Victim Personal Statement (VPS) at the same time as giving an evidential witness statement.
  • Give you a copy of the local 'Victims of Crime' leaflet, or make sure you have access to one.
  • Refer your details to Victim Support. This will not apply if you are a victim of domestic abuse, a sexual offence, vehicle crime or a minor criminal damage. Victims of domestic abuse and sexual offences will be offered specialist support.
  • Keep you updated on a monthly basis, or according to our Contract Agreement until the case is closed.
  • Tell you if there is a possibility that the case may be reviewed at a later date and ask you if you want to be informed of any reviews.
During the course of an investigation, we will tell you:
  • If someone is arrested.
  • If we release a suspect with no further action being taken, as well as explaining the reasons to you.
  • When we release a suspect on bail, as well as letting you know if there are any bail conditions and when those conditions are altered.
  • About any decision we take to charge or not charge a suspect.
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