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In An Emergency

Always dial 999 where you will then be put through to our control room and a Police Officer will make a prompt and appropriate response based on the information given.

999 is for emergencies only – an emergency is something that needs an immediate response. Using the 999 line unnecessarily could prevent somebody who is in danger from getting through to us.

999 should only be used in situations where:

  • There is danger to life
  • The incident is serious and may escalate or evidence may be lost if attendance is delayed
  • Violence is used or there is an immediate threat to use violence
  • A serious injury to a person
  • Serious damage to property
  • A crime is in progress
  • A road traffic collision and there is or might be serious personal injury
  • A road traffic incident or collision which causes serious traffic disruption

We aim to answer all 999 calls within 10 seconds. We will then tell you our estimated time of arrival and our pledge to you is to get to an emergency within 15 minutes in urban areas and within 20 minutes in rural areas. We pledge to get to less urgent calls as soon as possible, after being assessed by a suitably trained Police Officer.

If you are deaf, hard of hearing or speech impaired you can report an emergency by text to 999.

You can only use this service if you have registered your mobile phone.
To register text the following to 999: Register to 999 and follow instructions on the message you receive.

If you require more information before then please visit: www.emergencysms.org.uk

Crest 101

Not An Emergency - Dial 101

If you wish to speak to the police but it is not an emergency, please contact us on our Non-Emergency Number 101 when:

  • An officers attendance can be scheduled 
  • There is no immediate danger to life 
  • A crime is not in progress 
  • The offender is not nearby 
  • Community Issues 
  • A non-urgent road traffic collision
  • It is a general enquiry

When callers dial 101 they will be greeted by an automated system that will give them four options.
For details on the options provided - click here.

People who are deaf, hard of hearing or speech impaired can use this service by using textphone 18001 101.

Calling From An Area Where 101 Is Not Available

If you wish to speak to Cumbria Police and are calling from an area where 101 is not available you can contact us on (+44) 0300 124 0111

What Does a 101 Call Cost?

Calls from landlines and mobile networks to 101 are FREE
no matter what time of day or the duration of the call.

Where Is 101 Calls Available?

101 is available across England, Scotland and Wales and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When you call 101, the system will determine your location and connect you to Cumbria Police. You will hear a recorded message announcing that you will be connected to Cumbria Police.

If you are on a boundary between two or more forces, the recorded message will give you a choice of which force to be connected to. If you need assistance or wish to be put through to another police force press # which will put you through to a Cable and Wireless operator.