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The Mini police is a fun and innovative police engagement programme aimed at children aged 9-11 years old. The objective is to provide a fun and interactive way to introduce children to a positive experience of policing and to get them involved in the local community.

The wider aims include building trust and with communities, promoting responsible citizenship, and a sense of social responsibility, improving relationships between the police and young people. We operate a corporate and structured delivery platform which involves early intervention, the delivery of safety messages, preventative education and long-term problem solving. The Mini Police Officers not only assist the police service, they also carry that ownership and pride back into the community they live in.

The Cumbria Mini Police programme currently has 30 schools enrolled with over 600 children involved, all helping to make Cumbria a safer place to live.

Schools are selected based on various criteria’s but if you are a school and are interested in joining this programme – please contact the Citizens in Policing Team: CiP@cumbria.police.uk 

Mini Police