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Completing the Application Form:

  • Carefully examine the job profile and person specification, and if possible, contact the department for an insight into the role.
  • Think about your skills and abilities, and how your experiences could help you in the role you are applying for. Use specific examples to evidence your skills.
  • Type clearly and legibly.
  • The application form has specific sections titled Experience and Knowledge, Education and Training and Competency Values Framework. You should complete all sections in detail including how you meet the Essential and Desirable criteria for the post.
  • Competency Values Framework (CVF) enables you to further evidence your competency for the job. Details of all the CVF’s are attached to the job profiles. You should evidence all of the competency areas.
  • CV’s are not accepted; please do not attach one with your application form.
  • A copy of your application form will be available for you to view on the online portal.
  • Please state within the circumstances section of your application, any dates that you would be unavailable for interview in the next 6 weeks.
  • Save your progress regularly as you can return and complete your application at a later stage.
  • A maximum character count of 5000 exists on the application form fields. This means the word count varies dependent on your content, but as a rough average can equate to around 800 words.
  • As with any web based application, connection problems or a prolonged period of apparent inactivity can result in work being lost. Examples requiring significant time to develop and type could be completed on a locally saved word document, then copy and paste it onto the web portal.

After the Closing Date:

  • You will be contacted via email after the closing date with an outcome of your application, if you have been successful, you will receive further instructions regarding the interview stage.


Need to ask a question about your application?

Contact the Central Services Department on: 101, option 2, Ext 60042