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Application form

  • Save your progress regularly as you can return and complete your application at a later stage.
  • A maximum character count of 5000 exists on the application form fields. This means the word count varies dependent on your content, but as a rough average can equate to around 800 words.
  • As with any web based application, connection problems or a prolonged period of apparent inactivity can result in work being lost. Examples requiring significant time to develop and type could be completed on a locally saved word document, then copy and paste it onto the web portal.

Preparing for the interview

  • Know the job you are going for – Do some research on the role of a police officer and our key priorities at Cumbria Constabulary and current objectives. The Police & Crime Plan can be found here: 'Making Cumbria Even Safer'. There is also useful information on our website
  • Study the Level 1 CVF document and think of examples of where you have demonstrated each of the values using the criteria beneath the level 1 headings. Your interview questions will be relating to this criteria.
  • Think of the things you have done, and how your experiences could help you in the role you are applying for. What are your transferable skills?
  • Think about what you did, how you did it, why it was successful, what you learnt, etc.
  • You can contact our area Specific Point of Contacts (SPOC’s). These are officers within the force who can offer advice and guidance on your interview. Please see contact details below:
Area SPOCs

At the Interview

  • Your interview will last approximately 30 minutes and the panel will consist of two people, usually a Sergeant and a PC.
  • Ideally, have more than one example to demonstrate your competence in each area. Recent examples are better, but not essential.
  • If you don’t have examples in a work-based environment, it may be that you have gained skills in a different setting – for example, if you have taken part in any volunteering activities or have been part of a club.
  • The panel will prompt you, as necessary, to clarify anything that you’ve said.


  • We know interviews can be nerve-wracking. Remember that this is a conversation to find out a bit more about you, so be yourself and try to relax and take in the questions, the panel will have been in your shoes before.
  • If you don’t understand a question or would like to hear it again, it’s fine to ask the panel to repeat it for you.
  • If you go completely blank, ask to come back to that question later, you will be given an opportunity to go back to any of the questions at the end.

After the Interview:

  • We will inform you if you have successful/unsuccessful by email. If you would like any feedback from the interview please email our Recruitment Team at: recruitmentsupport@cumbria.police.uk