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All applicants will be medically screened in accordance with the National Recruitment Standards - Medical Standards for Police Recruitment. Home Office Circular 59 / 2004.

Eyesight standards remain as set out in HOC 25/2003.

Cumbria Constabulary applies these standards for PCSO, Special Constable and Police Officer applicants. Each case is looked at individually and assessed on its merits. The first stage is for the health professionals within the Occupational Health Department to paper screen your completed medical history questionnaire.


The initial checks are:
  • Have the eye sight standards been met?
  • Is BMI 30 or below?

There is a requirement for all candidates to have a BMI of 30 or below before proceed through to the medical screening process. However the constabulary recognises that the amount of lean body mass you have can result in it being difficult to achieve a BMI of this level for some candidates. Any candidates with a BMI of 30 or above will be contacted by Occupational Health and asked to provide evidence of their body fat composition; if this does not exceed 25% for male candidates and 35% for female candidates they will be permitted to progress to the medical stage. Those with a body fat percentage of >25% will be deferred until they reach the required level. They would then need to contact HR to request that their application is re-opened.

If, on the day of medical a candidates BMI level is calculated at higher than 30, only those with a body fat percentage of 25% (M) and below or 35% (F) and below will be allowed to continue. The remainder will not complete the rest of the medical or fitness test and will be deferred until they reach the required level.

On occasions, following a deferred application further medical information is required from a GP to assist in the consideration of whether or not a candidate is likely to be suitable for the role, functions and activities of an operational PCSO or officer. In these circumstances applicants will receive a letter outlining the medical information required. This will need to be provided at the applicants’ own cost.

The application will be put on hold until the information is received.

Once all necessary information has been obtained, and where the individual is given clearance to proceed to medical, Central Services will be advised and a member of their team will advise you of the date of your examination and fitness test. Central Services will maintain contact with you throughout the progression of your application.

Individuals, who reach medical stage, are assessed for fitness on the day of examination and for a reasonable time. Reasonable is considered to be at least 5 years. Police Officer applicants may require further assessment by referral to a Selected Medical Practitioner to determine whether they are at increased risk of becoming ‘permanently disabled’, as defined in the Police Pension Regulations, before compulsory retirement age and as a result, may be excluded from the ill health benefits of the Police Pension Scheme

Medical Process Flow Chart

The below flow chart outlines the usual routes of the medical processes. As all applications are considered individually, on their merits and each circumstance is different, there may be occasions where an alternative process is needed to ensure due consideration has been given to all applications.

Flow Chart 

We look forward to assisting you throughout the recruitment process.