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SC Ro Kapoor

Age: 42

Area you work: Carlisle

Civilian Job: Head of Sales Operations

Why did you join?
I joined the specials to fulfil my dream job of being a police officer one day which is all I wanted to do while growing up in Glasgow. I thought that opportunity had passed me by but was persuaded to join Cumbria police by friend who is a current regular officer based in Carlisle.

Any words of advice for future applicants?
This is a role where you have to be self motivated and be prepared to work as part of a team who work so hard and tirelessly 24/7; even more so with all that’s going on in the world today. But the rewards are huge and knowing that you can make even the slightest difference is worthwhile in itself.

As a special constable you have the same responsibility and powers as a regular officer and this the ideal stepping stone if you want to make a career in the force it is also something that can be done hand in hand with your day job which many of us do. I would say it’s a fantastic opportunity so grasp it with both hands and make a real difference, not just to your local force, but you community and your city.