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Age: 43

Area you work: South

Civilian Job: Head of Apprenticeships in the Department for Education

Why did you join?
I wanted to develop my skills in dealing with difficult situations and decision making under pressure, and I wanted to do something interesting to serve my community. The experience of being a Special Constable has definitely met my expectations of all of that!

Any words of advice for future applicants?
Be prepared to get stuck in and ask questions. Being a Special will test you, so you’ll need to be open to being challenged. But if you’re OK with that, and you’re looking for an exciting and rewarding volunteering opportunity, you won’t regret it.

I’m in the fortunate position of being supported by my employer to be a Special Constable and most departments in the Civil Service have now agreed for Specials to have 12 days additional paid leave. This really helps me to balance my work, life and voluntary commitments.