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If you acquire or transfer a gun within the United Kingdom, you must inform the Chief of Police of the authority which issued your certificate within seven days. Notification can be by letter or email sent to the Firearms Licensing Unit and the notice of the transaction must contain a description of the firearm or shotgun (including any identification number), state the nature of the transaction and give the name and address of the other person concerned.

If you sell your gun to a registered firearms dealer, they are not obliged to inform us and the responsibility lies with the seller. However, a firearm or shotgun placed with a registered firearms dealer or auctioneer for sale or return is not regarded as a transfer. Notification is only required once the transfer is complete when all three parties notify the police. As the transferor may not know the name of the ultimate transferee, it is sufficient for the transferor only to notify the police of disposal to the dealer or auctioneer.

The person or dealer who gives or sells the gun is responsible for ensuring that the person receiving the gun has a valid certificate and should in the case of a Section 1 firearm endorse Table 1 of the receiver’s firearms certificate and, in the case of a shotgun, Table 2 of the shotgun certificate.

Please note regarding emails, we will not accept photographs of documents or certificates as notifications. You must include a properly scanned copy of the Form 11 given to you by a dealer or include the details of the transaction in the body of the email.

In addition to guides on firearms legislation produced by shooting organisations, further information on firearms legislation can be found in the Guide on Firearms Licensing Law 2021 which can be downloaded for free at www.gov.uk/government/publications/firearms-law-guidance-to-the-police-2012.