Chief Officer Team

Michelle Skeer QPM
Chief Constable
Michelle joined Cumbria Constabulary in February 1990 having completed a degree course in History and Media at Leeds.
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3DCC Carden
Rob Carden
Deputy Chief Constable
Rob joined Merseyside Police in 1992, following in his father’s footsteps. He now has almost 30 years’ policing experience with five years’ experience as an Assistant Chief Constable.
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Jonny Blackwell
Temporary Assistant Chief Constable
Jonny Blackwell was appointed the Assistant Chief Constable in July 2021 on a temporary basis. Prior to this, he held a joint role, leading the collaboration between Cumbria Constabulary and Durham Constabulary around Digital, Data and Technology.
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Chief Superintendents

Dean Holden
Detective Chief Superintendent
Dean originally joined Lancashire Constabulary in 1994 and became a Detective in 1999.
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Lisa Hogan
Chief Superintendent of Performance, Insight and Analysis
Coming soon...
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Matthew Kennerley
Temporary Chief Superintendent of Operations and Neighbourhood Policing
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Victoria Fuller
Detective Chief Superintendent of Digital, Data and Technology
Victoria joined the Digital, Data and Technology command(DDaT), a joint command across Cumbria and Durham constabularies in September 2021.
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Department Directors

Stephen Kirkpatrick
Director of Corporate Support
Stephen Kirkpatrick is the Director of Corporate Support for Cumbria Constabulary holding strategic responsibility for Finance, Human Resources, Learning & Development, Estates, Fleet, Procurement, Central Services.
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