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Cumbria Constabulary is proud to serve the people who live, work and visit the county. We aim to provide a high standard of service which everyone can use and is fair to all. We will also provide a service which encourages positive attitudes and removes discrimination.

As an employer, Cumbria Constabulary wants to promote equality of opportunity for all staff and be seen as an employer of choice. We need to work with our staff, partner, service users and our communities to make sure our outcomes are being achieved. We also recognise the need for real results, so our performance will be monitored. Part of this monitoring will indicate our success in dealing with crime and in particular, hate crime.

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Equality Objectives
  • Develop a more diverse and inclusive work force, utilising positive action to reflect the communities of Cumbria Constabulary
  • Increase awareness of emerging crime types and effectively work with the public sector to understand vulnerabilities and work together to deliver confidence building projects
  • Enhance service delivery and accessibility to protected groups and communities where there is perception of inequality by involving them in our work

The Equality Act 2010

The Equality Act has brought together all the equality legislation which has been introduced over the last 30 years to improve British equality law. It offers individuals stronger protection against discrimination and clarifies what the Police Services responsibilities are when dealing with our communities and as an employer. We will treat everyone or their individual needs.

Cumbria Constabulary as a public body is required under the Act to meet and pay due regard to the general equality duties which are:

  • Eliminate discrimination, harassment and victimisation and any other conduct prohibited by or under the Act.
  • Advance equality of opportunity between people who share a relevant protected characteristic and people who do not share it
  • Foster good relations between people who share a relevant protected characteristic and those who do not share it.

    The protected characteristics referred to are age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion and belief, sex and sexual orientation. If you wish to read more about the Equality Act, please click here.

Specific Equality Duty – Relevant Equality Information

The specific duties as set out in the Act are:

Publish information to demonstrate compliance with the General Duty by 31/01/2012
Publish one or more objectives by 6/04/2012
The links below will take you to equality information held by Cumbria Constabulary. We have also included links to Police and Crime Commissioner reports which support this information and our policy library. There will be some gaps within the equality information were we have not been able to obtain that data. We are also developing a diversity strategy which will look at what other information we should collect. Further information will be published when it is available. Your feedback on this information would be very welcome and would help to set our objectives for the future.

Monitoring and Promoting Equality in the Police Service - The Police and Crime Commissioner for Cumbria

As part of this commitment, The Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for Cumbria is ensuring that he develops and monitors the work within Cumbria Constabulary to promote equality and eliminate discrimination. The People and Performance Committee scrutinises this, including looking at the make-up of the workforce, complaints, disciplinary proceedings and grievances.

The PCC will monitor crime and disorder levels, including the levels of hate crime.

The PCC recognise the importance of engaging with our many and diverse communities to help develop and deliver effective policing services. Through the implementation of the Equality and Diversity Strategy we will make sure that we continue to listen to the views of communities in Cumbria and ensure that our services are delivered to everyone with fairness, equality and integrity.

For more information on the PCC visit: www.cumbria-pcc.gov.uk

Equality Analysis

The Constabulary has a moral and legislative requirement to check that the Police work does not impact adversely on anyone in the community and particularly with respect to race, religion, disability, gender, age and sexual orientation.

The process that checks that Cumbria Constabulary offers a fair and equitable service is called Equality Analysis. The process takes place when a new policy is written and when it is reviewed. These documents are part of the process.

All document policy documents and procedures are first assessed to see how relevant they are to particular groups in the community as the amount of time spent on Equality Analysis affects this assessment.
All members of staff undergo Equality Analysis training appropriate to their involvement.

Independent Advisory Group

Cumbria Police works with a range of Independent Advisory Groups (IAGs) that represent the interests of minority groups and communities across Cumbria.

Contact Details

If you have any suggestions about access to the police or how we can provide a fairer, more equitable service, please write to: Diversity Support Team (IAG) Cumbria Police Headquarters Carleton Hall Penrith, Cumbria CA10 2AU

Call: 101 Email: Diversity_Unit@cumbria.police.uk