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Cumbria Constabulary Headquarters Carleton Hall, Penrith Cumbria CA10 2AU

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Whitehaven Priorities

  • Shoplifting in Whitehaven Town Centre.
    Issue was set on Wednesday, August 1
    • ACTIVE PRIORITY; There has been an increase in shoplifting in Whitehaven Town Centre during the last few months.
    • WE ARE; Working with local businesses regarding crime prevention strategies and also supporting any shop watch schemes in Copeland. It is thought that a minority of individuals are responsible for the majority of the thefts and therefore by working with the Crown Prosecutions Service and other agencies we are able to make applications for Criminal Behaviour Orders through the courts following successful convictions. During the last month 3 orders have been granted by the courts to prevent offenders from entering shops throughout Whitehaven. This has reduced the number of thefts dramatically and we continue to target those responsible.
    • We have obtained criminal behaviour orders on the most prolific shoplifters and continue to target offenders in the area.
    • This activity is directly linked to the drug misuse in the town centre and we are actively working with partner agencies to disrupt activity and deal with those responsible through the criminal justice system.
    • We have conducted a day of action in relation to shoplifting in the town centre with a number of well known individuals being prevented from committing offences by our high visibility presence and robust targeting of them.
  • Anti-Social Behaviour and drug misuse
    Issue was set on Wednesday, August 1
    • You Said; We have identified ongoing ASB and drug misuse in the Town Centre and Castle Park and are using a variety of methods and multi-agency working to address the issues at hand.
    • WE DID; We provided high visible patrols in the area with the aim of providing positive action any youths located causing anti-social behaviour were taken home to their parents and its your choice forms were completed.
    • We have provided high visibility and plain clothes patrols to disrupt the activities of those responsible and to reassure the public. These patrols and the information gathered has resulted in the arrest of three drug users for associated crime and the eviction of a drug user from one of the Town Centre flats. We are working closely with partner agencies regarding the issues in the town.
    • Whitehaven Town Centre continues to be problematic in respect of drug users and their use of substance in the town centre and walking around under the influence whilst committing offences to fund this habit. This area is subject of a problem profile and is receiving attention we have worked with Home Group to secure four civil injunctions on the top nominals to exclude them from all Home Group properties and grounds in the Town Centre {this is where the majority of offending was taking place}. There have been high visibility reassurance and intelligence patrols by the PCSOs and high visibility and plain clothes disruption patrols by the proactive team. We have moved the disruptive ASB and drug element from Castle Park which is now much cleaner and is back in use by families.
    • St Nicholas Gardens, Peter Street, Queen Street and George Street are still areas of prolific activity. We have been talking with local residents and businesses to ensure we are on track for community concerns. We have made arrests and have nominals under review for robust action given their recent offending and are working with Unity and Home Group to look at delivering a multiagency awareness campaign in the town centre to assist in getting further intelligence which has seemed to slow in the last couple of weeks. Injunction have been granted against - Gareth Watson - Anne Marie Horricks, - Michael Burns, - Naomi Nicholson. The injunctions granted are in place for 12 months and prevent the above from entering or attempting to enter 61 blocks of flats in George Street, Birley Court, Michael Street, Michael Street, Roper Street, Cross Street, New Street, College Street, Wellington Row, Windmill Brow, Duke Street, Queen Street, Scotch Street and Peter Street. The injunction carry with them a power of arrest.
    • We will be conducting a media campaign with Home Group around the injunctions and will be releasing photographs. We are currently seeking to develop intelligence around the further nominals for the supply of controlled substances in Whitehaven.
    • An individual was arrested in the Town Centre on 01 August 2018 in relation to the supply of controlled drugs and a significant quantity of what is believed to be crack cocaine recovered. The male has been released under investigation whilst further enquiries are conducted and the substance analysed. Two others were arrested for possession of a controlled substance as part of the same incident.
    • Due to the increase in youth related drug use and youths carrying knives I secured the services of Paul McGovern MBE, from HMP Manchester who delivered a joint week of dynamic, hard hitting workshops to prevent them encroaching into this area and are looking to conduct more in January.
    • Five further injunctions have been applied for via Home Group and have been granted by the County Court. High Visibility and covert patrols bu the pro-active team and PCSOs continue.
    • We have conducted a day of action in relation to shoplifting and acquisitive crime in Whitehaven with several well known individuals being prevented from committing offences due to our presence.
    • +++ We are working hard to deal with those responsible for the issues in Whitehaven Town Centre - anyone with any information regarding crimes in this area is asked to contact police on 101 or to If there is a crime in progress or in an emergency call 999. Information can also be given anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. +++

Whitehaven Crime Maps

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Your key contacts

Richard Smillie

Inspector Richard Smillie

Dave Macdonald

Problem Solver Sergeant Dave Macdonald

Kelly Pennington

Problem Solver Constable Kelly Pennington

Mark Fishpool

PCSO Mark Fishpool

Jacqueline Rafferty

PCSO Jacqueline Rafferty

Hollie Huck

PCSO Hollie Huck

Michelle Smith

PCSO Michelle Smith

Your Area Focus Group

  • Whitehaven Police Station

    Mon - Sat 8am to 6pm

    Sellafield Police Desk

    Where: B409 Canteen

    Time: 11am to 1pm

    Day: Mondays


    Following our consultation with the public in November 2018 we have decided to discontinue our static police desks in supermarkets and libraries as they were offering little in the way of effective engagement.

    Taking on board the comments made by yourselves we have designed a service where we will attend community groups and under represented locations in order to offer engagement to those who are not normally online or active on social media.

    These days will take place routinely and officers from my team will be available to speak with you about local policing issues, concerns or even just have a chat. I appreciate your feedback and your input in invaluable in ensuring we have a neighbourhood policing service that meets your needs and adapts to changes in society and resources.

    Copeland Focus is a Facebook Group that covers the Copeland district and is designed to enhance engagement between the public and Cumbria Police.

    The way people communicate has changed, and now, more than ever, people want to talk to us online and through social media and we, as a service provider are looking to utilise and support this change.

    Think of Copeland Focus Group as a virtual community drop-in desk, allowing local PCs and PCSOs to have an easy and continuous means of communication within the Copeland community.

    Copeland Focus Group members will be able to post when issues or questions arise, helping us to identify their concerns and priorities, and we will be able to quickly and efficiently keep them informed as to how we are tackling and answering any questions.  


    We realise we might not like everything you have to say but only ask that you keep your comments and opinions respectful.


    Sgt David Macdonald

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