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Our Child Centred Policing Teams work in line with the National Child Centred Policing best practice framework. We understand offending by children is often a symptom of other challenges they are facing in their lives and that our policing service to children and young people must take a different approach to that of mature adults. By identifying the root cause for behaviours and vulnerabilities and signposting to support agencies we can ensure that young people are not unnecessary criminalised and every opportunity is taken to divert them away from offending.

The teams aim to build trust and confidence between children and the police by identifying opportunities for positive engagement within educational premises and the community.

We work closely with our partners both statutory and within the third sector to deliver the best possible outcomes for children and their families.

We will also deliver bespoke police interventions where specific risks of behaviours or criminality exist.

For any support or advice from our teams please contact us by email:                                                                                                              

Meet your local child centred policing teams:

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Child Behaviour Change Advice 

Are you concerned about changes in your child’s behaviour. Do you know what they’re doing  on line? Are they being bullied? Is your child Moody or secretive? 
Are you worried about something else?
Click here for more advice

Support services available for children and families

For Cumbria wide support services and a list of local services across the six districts of Cumbria, please click on this link for Cumbria Child Safeguarding Partnership:

Below is a list of national organisations that can help provide information to children and families:

Sexual Identity:

Childrens' Health and Support:

Safety and Support:

Childrens' Mental Health:

Domestic Violence:


Childrens' Rights:

Drink and Drugs:



Online Concerns:

Financial Advice:

Report Nude Photo Online:
Remove a nude image shared online | Childline