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Report online For non emergencies
Call 999 For emergency calls only
Call 999 For emergency calls only
Call 101 If unable to report online
Call 101 If unable to report online

CTerrorismThe Counter Terrorism Branch is what used to be Special Branch. The Counter Terrorism Branch tackles the terrorist threat within the County of Cumbria.

Officers and Staff within Cumbria CTB support Forces across the North West Region and nationally by providing specialist skills and expertise when faced with a terrorist threat.

Counter Terrorism Investigations
Our investigations team includes experienced officers and police staff who utilise their skills to speak to people with information, interview witnesses and deal with suspects who have been arrested on suspicion of being involved in terrorist related offences and offences relating to domestic extremism e.g. animal rights activists. They are supported by staff with specialist skills such computer examination, financial investigation and the forensic recovery of articles and evidence.


If you are caught up in an terrorist incident -  ‘run, hide and tell’ - guidance can be applied to many places and situations. RUN if you can. If you can’t run, HIDE. Then, when you can, TELL the police what’s happening so they can get there quickly to stop the threat.  Also tell others of the threat so they don’t approach danger.


To watch a quick information video on how you should report any suspisious behaviour that could identify a terrorist threat - click here

Current UK Threat Level Status
The current threat level for international terrorism in the UK is SEVERE - an attack is highly likely

The Cumbria Counter Terrorism Branch Ports Unit has a responsibility for providing effective Ports and Border Control within the Cumbria geographical area. Select Here for further information on the Branch Ports Unit.

They work across the county and are also responsible for covering our designated airport, Carlisle, as well as our non designated airports/airfields and the maritime traffic at all our ports.

The unit’s primary role is to protect the national security of the United Kingdom and to counter the threat of international and domestic terrorism, espionage, proliferation, disruption and detection of organised crime syndicates involved in people trafficking, people exploitation, importation of drugs and weapons within the port environment.

The unit works closely with other key enforcement agencies, UKBF, HMRC and the North West Counter Terrorism Unit as well as Neighbourhood policing teams across Cumbria.

Cumbria has dedicated Counter Terrorism Security Advisors (CTSA's) the primary role of these advisors is to provide protective and counter terrorism security advice to support businesses and the public sector. The advice available takes into account both conventional and non-conventional terrorist techniques and the aim is to reduce vulnerability to terrorist threats. The CTSAs work closely with other police forces throughout the country, government departments and other agencies.

You can play a key role in supporting the police by remaining vigilant, being security minded and having good security measures in place. You can protect your business against crime and make the work of terrorists more difficult. A small investment in security measures greatly enhances the feeling of security on behalf of everyone and helps protect those around you.

If you feel that your company could benefit from Counter Terrorism security advice, you can email us at or find out more information on our Security Advisors  pages.

Prevent’s aim is to stop people becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism.

The threat we face from terrorism is real and Prevent is built on the very simple concept that we can’t arrest our way out of the problem. While we rightly focus on the significant threat posed by international terrorism and those in the UK who are inspired by it, we also work to reduce the threats, risks and vulnerabilities posed by domestic extremists such as the Far Right, Far Left, extreme Animal Rights activists and Northern Irish related terrorism.

Disrupting terrorist activity, preventing radicalisation and supporting those vulnerable to becoming involved in extremism is a shared responsibility under Prevent. Within Cumbria Police we work with local police officers and other specialist departments, local partners and communities.

If you have concerns about an individual potentially being radicalised  you can email us at or ring  101. If it is an emergency please ring 999.

Further information is also available on the Cumbria local safeguarding children’s board

You can also follow Prevent on Twitter.