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Call 999 For emergency calls only
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Call 101 For All non emergencies
  • The purpose of this Speed Concern Report is to provide a consistent, graduated method of managing inappropriate and excessive speed and of addressing complaints and concerns about speeding vehicles on the roads of Cumbria. Its aims are to reduce casualties and to improve the safety and quality of life both for people who live in the area and for those who travel through it. We always use evidence to make decisions, which is why sometimes this process can take several weeks to complete. In an emergency you should dial 999. An emergency is when: Someone's life is in danger Someone is at immediate risk of violence, or property is about to be damaged The suspect is still present at the scene A serious offence is in progress, including a hate crime or domestic incident. Serious disruption to the public is likely Very serious crime (e.g. rape, grievous bodily harm)
  • Please confirm that you are not using this form to report an ongoing incident or emergency
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