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Special Constable recruitment is open!

Recruitment is open from Monday 15th Feb 2021 - Monday 26th April 5pm 2021. The intake will begin in September 2021. 

For guidance on applying and for the application form click here

The Special Constabulary is a voluntary body, whose officers form a vital part of the police family, working alongside their regular colleagues to police the communities of Cumbria. Specials perform a variety of police duties to support regular officers with the day-to-day policing of Cumbria.

People become a Special Constable for a variety of reasons. Some people have free time and have a desire to give something back to their community, some people are very happy in their present job but want something totally different in their spare time, some people may have wanted to work in the police but for different reasons they have gone down a different career path. Specials have the same powers as regular officers, wear the same uniform and carry the same equipment as regular officers.

In all these circumstances the Special Constabulary gives you the opportunity to have a second career. This is a great opportunity to meet people from all walks of life and gain experience in a wide range of policing duties.

Hear from some Specials and former Specials why they chose to do the role they do!

Meet some of our Specials!

Ro Kapoor

Ro Kapoor

I joined the specials to fulfil my dream job of being a police officer one day which is all I wanted to do while growing up in Glasgow. I would say it’s a fantastic opportunity so grasp it with both hands.

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Caroline Powney

Caroline Powney
I’m in the fortunate position of being supported by my employer to be a Special Constable and most departments in the Civil Service have now agreed for Specials to have 12 days additional paid leave. This really helps me to balance my work, life and voluntary commitments.

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Find out more about the Fitness Testing required to be a Special.

More information on Medical Screening.

Click here to learn more about the training required to be a Special Constable.

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