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Call 999 For emergency calls only
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Call 101 If unable to report online

*Please note recruitment is closed*

Before considering your application please read some of the guidelines below:

If English is a second language or you have a disability please read this leaflet Select Here.

We may be able to support you through the application process.

Where do I send the forms to?

You can complete the forms digitally using the Word form document above.

Attach them to an email and send to:

If you have any questions or queries about the role, please send to:

The Application Form must be completed and returned to us to commence the selection process. Please read the further guidance on this page before you begin your form.

Who can apply?

To be considered for appointment to Cumbria Special Constabulary, you must satisfy the following minimum requirements:

Age You can apply to join the Police at 18 years of age. When you reach the age of 60, you will be asked if you wish to extend your service.

Nationality You must be a British citizen, aCommonwealth citizen whose stay in the United Kingdom is not subject to restrictions, or a citizen of the Irish Republic. Applications can now be accepted from members of the European Union and Foreign nationals whose stay in the UK is not subject to any restrictions.

Character We expect you to have a high standard of personal behaviour and social conduct. You must be of good character and not associate with criminals. Our selection process has to be thorough and records are searched for any personal convictions or cautions.

Tattoos Tattoos are not acceptable if they are particularly prominent, garish, offensive or undermine the dignity and authority of the role of a Police Officer. If you have tattoos that are visible on your arms, neck, face and hands you will need to make a declaration that you have a tattoo within the eligibility section of the application form. We will ask you to send in two photographs of each tattoo (one distance photograph clearly showing where on the above body area the tattoo is located and a second close up photograph that we can use to assess this against our standards).

Education You must have a sound general education to enable you to cope with the full range of tasks expected of a special Constable. It would be useful to have GCSEs in English and Maths. In addition, any further qualifications such as A-Levels, NVQs, a degree etc, will be advantageous.
As part of the recruitment process you will need to sit and pass the Police Initial Recruitment Test.

Health Assessment
Part of the recruitment process is a medical which includes a health and vision assessment. The wearing of glasses or contact lenses is permissible; however, you must have unaided vision of no worse than 6/36 in each eye which equates to reading the second line down on an Optician’s chart without the aid of glasses or lenses.

Community Involvement and Awareness You must be living within Cumbria or in near proximity. You need to demonstrate a genuine desire to serve the community, perhaps through previous voluntary work or your occupation. Remember however, it is enthusiasm and not experience that counts!

How can I prepare for an application as a Special Constable?

The Special Constabulary is looking for applicants who have ‘life skills’ and can confidently deal with people e.g. working with the public in a shop/café/restaurant etc.
Also try to do some voluntary work in your community e.g. helping with a school group, working in a care home, assisting with a local sports club.
It is important that Special Constables have a good level of fitness – so keep yourself fit and take part in any sports that you enjoy. As a member of a sports team you will also be developing your skills in terms of teamworking, problem solving, personal responsibility and perhaps effective communication.

Precluded Occupations

The Home Office regard certain occupations as incompatible with being a Special Constable. This is generally due to the need to preserve impartiality and to avoid any potential conflict which might arise between the police and your private role.
Examples include:- 

- Magistrates - Clerks to the Justices
- Members of private police or security organisation (whether directors, patrons or employees)
- Bailiffs and warrant officers
- Private detectives and enquiry agents
- Traffic Wardens
- School Crossing Patrols
- Serving members of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces

Please note, you do not require a drivers licence to join the Specials.

If you are in any doubt when considering an application, please contact Central Services Department on 101 number - select option 2 and enter Ext - 60036.