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Posted on 16:44:00 on 17th October 2020

Police have thanked fans and business premises who followed guidance and not travelled to Cumbria today to watch the football.


Officers worked with licenced premises and coach companies ahead of today to provide guidance on the current Government restrictions that are in place to protect us all and help stop spread of the virus.


During the day officers were out in Carlisle conducting checks on local licensed premises as well as engaging with fans.


Two arrests were made at around 4:45pm at the train station, one man was arrested for drunk and disorderly and a second man was also arrested for drunk and disorderly and possession of a controlled drug. Both men were from Scotland and remain in police custody.


Superintendent Matt Kennerly said: “Firstly, I’d like to say thank you to the fans and licensees who listened to our message last week.


“Intelligence earlier in the week suggested that a large number of fans were thinking of making the journey to Cumbria from Scotland.


“Ahead of Saturday we engaged with coach companies and licensees around the current guidance and to think about their responsibilities, and the restrictions in place.


“We had officers out in Carlisle engaging with licensees as well as fans through out the day and fortunately, no licences were in breach of regulations and we haven't had to issues any fines.”

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