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Posted on 10:10:00 on 16th October 2020

Jailed: Tyler Lockhart

A Penrith man has been jailed for 20 months for breaching the terms of his sexual harm prevention order.

Tyler Alan Lockhart, aged 18, was sentenced yesterday (15 October) at Carlisle Crown Court.

Lockhart, formerly of Princes Court, breached his order on three occasions after detectives found evidence that he had contacted two 14-year-old girls via social media and possessed illegally-held mobile phones.

Detective Inspector Andy Teasdale said:

"The conditions of Lockhart’s sexual harm prevention order were clear. The order stipulated that that he had to notify police of any mobile phone that he used, so our officers could manage the risk he posed to young girls.

“Despite him pleading guilty to the offence, when first questioned Lockhart claimed that the phone found at his address was not his. Our investigation found that he used the phone to target vulnerable girls in efforts to meet up with them.

“Lockhart is a registered sex offender and his risk is carefully managed by experienced offender managers. This is an example of the positive action we will take against offenders who fail to comply with the strict restrictions placed on them.”

The sentencing was issued at a time where the county's police force are highlighting the proactive policing measures undertaken to protect vulnerable people and bring offenders to justice. Operation MOVIE is providing the public with information on policing activity which is undertaken every day to keep vulnerable people safe. The Constabulary’s MOSOVO Unit, which is a prime example of the effective work carried out by police, consists of experienced officers dedicated to managing the risk posed by sexual and violent offenders within Cumbrian communities.

DI Teasdale added:

“Our MOSOVO officers manage registered sex offenders (RSOs) through use of the notification requirements, civil orders which carry stringent restrictions, risk assessment tools and risk management plans.

“Protecting children and vulnerable people from sexual harm is a key priority for the Constabulary and our partner agencies. The work of our MOSOVO officers in managing the reintegration of RSOs into the community and prevent them from reoffending is crucial to protecting the public.”

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