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Posted on 13:45:00 on 2nd July 2020
Telford, Dixon and Rickerby

Telford, Dixon and Rickerby



Three men from West Cumbria have been sentenced to a total of over 10 years for their involvement in drug supply.

Aaron Telford, 20 of Lincoln Road, Whitehaven has been sentenced to 3 years for possession of a controlled drug of class B – Cannabis, Concerned in supply of ecstasy, concerned in the supply of cocaine and concerned in the supply of class B drugs.

Nathan Dixon, 22 of High Road, Egremont has been sentenced to 4 years 4 months for concerning in the supply of class A drugs and for concerning in the supply of class B drug.

Dylan Rickerby, 24 of Grasmere Avenue, Workington was been sentenced to 2 years 10 months for concerning in the supply of cocaine.

All three were sentenced at Carlisle Crown Court today (2 July).

On the 6th July 2018, a warrant was conducted by officers on Lincoln Road, Whitehaven the home address of Telford. At the address officers located an amount of cannabis, £900 in cash and a mobile phone belonging to Telford which was seized.

On the lock screen of the phone officers could see texts relating to drugs from Dixon which read: ‘When you get time lad would you bag all my ket up into halves

Telfords phone was submitted for analysis following his refusal to provide his pin, once completed it was found to contain 386 separate group chats, over 7,000 texts and 1,400 videos making it apparent that Telford was heavily involved in the supply of class A and B drugs.

In April 2018 Telford started messaging Dixon following a group chat asking who had Ketamine. In the same month they began working together to deal drugs offering to supply significant amounts of Ketamine and Ecstasy.

In May 2018 a group chat was recovered including Telford and another number attributed to Rickerby which openly discussed dealing drugs in which Rickerby was directing clients to Telford.

Telford in other group messages with friends and acquaintances was openly offering to sell street deals and weighted amounts of drugs including Ecstasy pills, Ketamine and Cocaine, which was sourced from Rickerby and Dixon.

Throughout June and July 2018 the trio discussed their drug dealing in various group chats. 

On the 8th February 2019, officers attended the home address of Telford and arrested him for drug supply offences regarding the evidence from his mobile phone.

Officers also attended the address of Rickerby where entry was forced and he was detained. Officers located a phone which had been destroyed into several pieces and covered in household cleaner.

On the 15th February 2019, Dixon was also arrested and questioned on this association with Telford and Rickerby.

Detectives made inquiries into the trios bank accounts which found that from Rickerby's he was living a lifestyle above his income, with a month long trip to America in which he spent over £5000.

In interviews conducted by officers all three replied no comment to questions put to them.

Detective Sergeant Duncan Brooker said: "We hope the significant sentences for all three Dixon, Telford and Rickerby sends out a strong message abotu the consequences of dealing drugs in West Cumbria.

"This county is no soft touch when it coms to drug dealing and these defendents are just the latest to be starting periods behind bards after being caught in the supply of drugs."

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