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Posted on 16:15:00 on 10th April 2019

Police are stepping up patrols in Barrow to tackle and deter crime following a spate of vehicle offences and burglaries.

Extra officers will be out-and-about on the beat in highly visible patrols.

Officers will also be in plain clothes to watch out for suspicious activity.

The additional action is being taken following a series of burglaries and thefts from cars and vehicles.

The Risedale and Salthouse Road areas are among the areas most affected by the spate.

Police are also urging people to report all information on suspicious people or burglaries to officers direct on 101 – or email 

Officers are aware of images being circulated on social media of what people perceive to be individuals acting suspiciously.

Police are keen to stress that it may undermine investigations if images that then form evidence have been shared and discussed on social media.

Sergeant Sara Seath said: “We would like to reassure the public that we are taking action to address this spate of offences.

“High visibility patrols should act as a deterrent – as should the idea that we have officers in plain clothes watching for suspicious behaviour.

“We will be discussing this issue at our Local Focus partnership meeting to discuss what other action can be taken with other agencies.”

Sgt Seath added: “We would also like to urge people to always report information to the police directly.

“It may seriously undermine any investigation if images that form evidence have been shared and discussed on social media.

“Should anyone consider taking action themselves, they are urged not to as they could face criminal investigation themselves.”

In total, 54 crimes involving domestic burglaries, non-domestic burglaries, theft and vehicle crimes have been reported in Barrow between February 7 and April 4.


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