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Posted on 22:32:00 on 6th December 2018

A police officer who single-handedly tackled a man stood in the street covered in blood and armed with an axe is to receive a Chief Constable’s Commendation.

Sergeant Kevin Milby is to be commended for his bravery after responding to reports from numerous members of the public of a man carrying an axe and covered in blood in Dalton in Furness.

Sergeant Milby confronted the man, Timothy Nickson, urging him to put down the axe but he instead entered a nearby shop. The police officer followed Nickson inside before single-handedly physically restraining and handcuffing him.

Further investigation found that Nickson had, shortly before his arrest, forced his way inside an address and attacked a man with the axe, causing life-threatening injuries.

The incident took place in June 2017. Nickson was jailed for seven years in November after admitting wounding with intent.

Inspector Paul Latham said: “Sergeant Milby showed courage and calm professionalism in confronting a clearly dangerous man who had already shown a willingness to use a weapon.

“With members of the public close by, this was clearly perilous situation. However, Sergeant Milby’s swift and decisive actions brought the incident to a safe conclusion.

“The Sergeant’s actions that day are a great credit to the whole Constabulary.”

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