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Posted on 15:54:00 on 1st December 2016

Twitter Alert

Police are advising people in Cumbria to help keep themselves up to date by subscribing to the force’s Twitter Alerts.


In recent years, Cumbria has experienced extreme adverse weather conditions which called for the public to be informed with urgent information on road closures, flooded areas and actions that they needed to do to stay safe.


Throughout last year’s floods the Constabulary, along with partner agencies, utilised social media to broadcast urgent advice and information to the public. One of these methods was the use of Twitter Alerts to notify the public on the latest situation.


The service, which is free to subscribe to, is used for critical information only.  


Superintendent Mark Pannone said:


“When we are dealing with a serious or major incident, such as last year’s unprecedented flooding, we may send a Twitter alert to subscribers to notify them to vital information.


“The alert will immediately be delivered to all subscribers as a text message or a special notification from their Twitter app. This will help to ensure that the most important information is brought to their attention and enable people to take any necessary action and inform friends and family members who could be affected but are not on Twitter.


“We only use this alerting system in critical situations where we need members of the public to be aware.”


Cumbria’s Police and Crime Commissioner Peter McCall said:


“This is a simple yet effective way to be kept up to date with any major incidents in the county. Please do sign up to the Twitter Alerts system and be better informed and better prepared for any action you might need to take to stay safe.” 


To sign up to Twitter alerts, visit:


Twitter Alerts can help the public be better prepared and informed, but they do not replace official emergency notification systems or services.


If you are on Twitter or thinking of joining, you can follow us @CumbriaPolice.

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