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An area containing the Constabulary's Policies & Procedures

Ensuring we meet our aims, apply values and help to minimise risk

The Constabulary has a number of policies and procedures that set boundaries for the Constabulary’s behaviour as an organisation, and for its staff. They help to ensure that the Constabulary meets it aims, applies values, and help to minimise any risk it is facing. They are a key element of the Constabulary’s Corporate Governance Framework and are reviewed on a regular basis.

The Constabulary is held to account for its policies and procedures by external scrutinisers such as Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabularies (HMIC), the Information Commissioner and the Equality and Human Rights Commission. Policies and procedures are required to be published routinely as part of a Publication Scheme which the Constabulary is required to maintain under the Freedom of Information Act. The current version of the scheme is based upon the Information Commissioner’s Office Model Publication Scheme and the Definitions Document for Police Forces.

Current policies and procedures that are available to the public are divided into four categories and detailed below.
Select links below to visit pages which contain links to all the relevant policy documents: