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Call 999 For emergency calls only
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Call 101 If unable to report online

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What is the Freedom of Information Act?

The Freedom of Information Act gives a general right of access to all types of recorded information held by public authorities (subject to the application of certain exemptions contained within the Act). The Act also requires public authorities to establish a Publication Scheme, to specify the classes of information they already publish or intend to publish. Our intention is to publish as much information as possible on subjects where there is known to be public interest. However, exemptions under the Freedom of Information Act may prevent some information from being released.

Select Here for Frequently Asked Questions on Freedom of Information

Due to the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic and different working practices that have had to be adopted as a consequence, there may be a delay in processing requests for information that are received by post.  We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and will of course endeavour to process postal requests as soon as practicable.  If possible, requests for information made by email are encouraged.  For more information and alternative services, please click here.

What information can be requested?

The Freedom of Information Act gives rights of access to any kind of information which is not personal or environmental information, subject to a number of exemptions.

The Force is also required to maintain a publication scheme, details of which can be found by Selecting Here.

ACPO National Manual of Guidance  

When responding to FOI requests Cumbria Constabulary follow the processes and guidelines laid out in the ACPO National Manual of Guidance for the Police Service. *CHECK THIS* This manual provides information relating to your rights under the Act, with an explanation of the exemptions within the Act that may be used in certain cases. 


At present Cumbria Constabulary will not charge for information available through the Constabulary Publication Scheme.

A charge may be payable for information not held on the Scheme.

In either case, we are under no obligation to provide multiple copies, and a charge may be payable in this case.

We would let you know any relevant charge at the time of your request and this would be payable in advance.

Send Your Request to: 

Freedom of Information
Professional Standards Department
Police Headquarters
Carleton Hall
Cumbria CA10 2AU 

Or alternatively e-mail: