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Call 999 For emergency calls only
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Call 101 For All non emergencies

Appropriate security for gun(s) must be provided.  A security guidance document is available, a British Standard cabinet is the usual recommended minimum standard and further advice can be obtained from the visiting Enquiry Officer.


Should more than one firearm certificate holder wish to share security each certificate must authorise possession of all firearms, or additional security measures must be taken to ensure no unauthorised access of firearm(s) occurs.  This could be achieved by the use of British Standard steel cables or individual trigger locks.

Shotgun certificate holders should have Table 2 of their certificates completed by the other ‘sharer(s)’ if the guns are ‘lent’ for security sharing purposes only.

If joint ownership of guns is required the owner of the gun(s) must confirm, in writing, they require you to have joint ownership of them.  The gun(s) will then be shown on your certificate.