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 Right to Review 850x400

If you are a victim of a crime and have reported this crime to us, and a suspect is interviewed, and we decide not to prosecute, you are entitled to have this decision reviewed by a police Inspector who has not been involved in this investigation.

You can request this review, in writing, to the address below, within three months of being notified that no further action will be taken:

Police VRR Scheme
Central Services Department
Cumbria Constabulary HQ
Carleton Hall
CA10 2AU

Your case will be reviewed within 30 working days and you will be notified of the decision.

There are six potential outcomes of a review:

  • The original decision to take no further action is upheld.
  • The original decision is overturned and proceedings are commenced against the suspect, i.e. they are charged/summonsed.
  • The original decision is overturned and the suspect is dealt with by way of an out of court disposal.
  • The original decision is overturned and the case is referred to the CPS for a charging decision.
  • It is determined that further enquiries need to be completed before the reviewing officer can make their decision.
  • The original decision is overturned but the case is statute-barred and proceedings cannot be instigated.

Please speak to the officer that investigated your crime for further details.

Select Here to visit the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) website for more details on the Victims' Right to Review Scheme itself.


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