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Unity is the Alcohol and Drug Recovery Service for Cumbria. We offer individual assessments and Recovery Plans with options for detoxification and Community Rehab where appropriate. We have links with local Recovery networks and can link individuals with other recovery-focused community based groups and a range of partners relevant to the individuals recovery:

  • Residential and Community Rehab - focused on abstinence-based recovery
  • Detox - either in the community or, where necessary, as an inpatient with one of our partner services
  • Opiate Replacement Therapy - using substitute prescribing for a period of time agreed in your Recovery Plan with a view towards planned reduction and/ or detox.

As part of the plan we help individuals build a supportive Recovery network that will enable them to move on with their life.

In MARAC we provide information on both the perpetrators and victims. We share their treatment plans and engagement with our service and all known risks and concerns within the MARAC meeting. We also provide information if they have been referred to our service in the past.

Unity will accept actions from the MARAC for any victims or perpetrators who are working with our service with the aim of safeguarding individuals involved in domestic violence relationships.

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