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Since the Transforming Rehabilitation reforms of 2014 there are now effectively two services providing probation, the National Probation Service and the Community Rehabilitation Company (CRC). The NPS manage all high-risk cases, all Mappa cases and certain other categories.

A representative from the National Probation Service provides an update in MARAC on cases that are currently managed by the Service. The information will consist of current risk of harm levels to the public, known adults, children and staff and any licence conditions or other requirements that are in place to manage those risks. Details of whether the person is currently on post-release licence, post sentence-supervision (PSS) or community orders will also be disclosed and an update on current engagement, attitudes, motivation and risk concerns will be shared. 

  • When an offender is on post-release licence the NPS has potentially a considerable ability to provide protective or control measures to help safeguard victims. For example, we can mandate "no contact" conditions, we can require offenders to reside at an approved premises (probation hostel), we can require drug testing and attendance at domestic violence programmes. If an offender breaks these conditions or there is evidence of increasing risk they may be recalled to custody.
  • When an offender is on a community order or PSS we have less ability to impose restrictions but we will always monitor and share information with partners to manage risks, particularly around safeguarding.
  • The NPS is the lead agency of the Mappa process (Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements) alongside the police and prison service. In cases of significant risk and requiring a multi-agency plan, offenders may be referred to Mappa for risk management meetings. These can run alongside the MARAC with both meetings feeding into each other.
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