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Who we are.

We are Cumbria Partnership Foundation Trust who provide secondary (e.g. not just under GP care or First Step) mental health services for the people of Cumbria.

What we do

We share information within MARAC on behalf of Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust secondary mental health services which includes:

  • CMHART (Community Mental Health Assessment and Recovery Team)
  •  ALIS/HTT (Access and Liaison Integration Service/Home Treatment Team)
  • The acute mental health wards.

The Community Mental Health Assessment and Recovery Team (CMHART) offers assessment and evidence based treatment to adults with severe and enduring mental health needs. Our patients may present with high risks to self or others as a result of their mental health needs and/or with very complex presentations associated with their mental health needs. The Team operates within office hours (Monday to Friday, 09:00 to 17:00). The Team employs occupational therapists, social workers, nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists, a CBT therapist and non-registered staff in assistant and supportive roles. CMHART teams offer planned interventions in line with NICE guidance. CMHART teams are not an urgent/acute care service though there is an aspect of unplanned work management.

The ALIS/HTT provides assessment and intensive short term support for people experiencing acute and urgent mental health distress in order to promote recovery. The service is 24 hours and can be provided for people in acute hospitals, their own home, GP surgeries and Police Stations. Treatment aims to be via the least restrictive interventions, however, admission to an acute mental health ward is sometime requires in certain circumstances.

These are all adult services for those aged 18 and over.

In MARAC we provide information on both the perpetrators and victims who are open to us. We share their treatment, information around their diagnosis/difficulties and our care and treatment plans. We will then share the information from MARAC with the mental health care teams of the individual.

We make a note of other agencies involved with the individuals and encourage partnership working.

These services would accept actions from the MARAC for any victims or perpetrators who are open to community caseloads or are currently an inpatient on a ward. Our treatment plans may be amended based upon actions from the MARAC with the aim of trying to safeguard and support those individuals engaged in domestic violence relationships.

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