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The role of the MARAC Chair

The Chair of the MARAC will aim to facilitate a process that addresses the safety of high risk domestic abuse victims within Cumbria in partnership with other agencies.

In order to achieve this the Chair will aim to co-ordinate the MARAC in a way which is consistent, transparent and accountable                              .

Consistency relates to:

  • the attendance of partner agencies,
  • the information that they bring to the meeting
  • an ethos that actions are timed and completed as agreed within the meeting.


It is important that all agencies at the MARAC are clear about their role and about the referral threshold for MARAC. You may get directly involved in establishing this at the outset and must use your judgement to ensure that the number of cases reviewed at each meeting is broadly consistent and at a manageable level.


The key focus for the MARAC should be the victim. Since they are not present at the meeting, you will need to identify someone who has brought information from the victim, where safe to do so, and identify the most appropriate person to inform the victim of any action plan or relevant information agreed at MARAC. This is most frequently the IDVA service, but can vary for individual cases.  

Finally, the MARAC Chair is not responsible for the actions of each attendee, an ethos of accountability and responsibility to partner agencies must be developed from the start. This relates to their attendance, to the completion of actions and to the recording of data in relation to the MARAC. The MARAC is designed to take responsibility for addressing high risk cases of domestic violence from one or two agencies and share it between all relevant agencies. Encouraging participation from all agencies is therefore a key task for the Chair, in partnership with the steering group, to help create a proactive safety plan where the risks and needs of victim, children and perpetrator are addressed by the MARAC appropriately.

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