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Howgill Family centre covers the Copeland Footprint from Lowca to Millom.  We work with families who have children age 0-12 years.

At Howgill Family centre we offer the Recovery Toolkit Programme to victims of Domestic Abuse who have been out of the relationship more than 4 months. This looks at building self-confidence and healthy relationships.

We also offer 1-1 Domestic Violence Recovery Toolkit to children aged 5yrs and over in a school environment. Through this we look at emotions and confidence and healthy relationships. We also work  with children who live with parents who are still in a relationship. This involves doing a lot of work around emotions and feelings.

Howgill offers a wide range of services working with pre-birth offering ongoing programmes for mums and mums to be.

We also offer parenting programmes for parents to give them tools to use when dealing with their child's behaviour.

Howgill can usually offer anything to help and support families with children of the age from 0-12years and if we can't we know who we can refer onto.

We also have a Family Finance worker who can work her magic and support parents in benefits they are entitled to, supporting with debts and appointments and white goods if needed.

The information I share in MARAC is relevant up to date information of what we have done with the family over the year, this can be any 1-1 work we have done, courses completed by parents or children and any concerns we may have about the family.

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