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Everyone is entitled to live safely without fear of violence or abuse and incidents of domestic abuse are not acceptable. Cumbria Police take this issue very seriously and investigate all incidents reported to them.

The following information and advice will help you, or someone you know who is a victim of abuse to stay safe.

If an incident occurs: 

• Try to leave before the incident gets worse and go to a safe place if possible, if not try to remain calm and near to an escape route in case you can leave quickly.  

• When it is safe, get out of danger as soon as possible and go to a safe place. This may be with friends, family or someone you can trust.

• Always call 999 in an emergency or use a pre-agreed code word to alert family or friends to call the police for you. 

• Keep a record of what has happened to you, including damage to your home and belongings to give to the police.

Report domestic abuse to the Police straight away; nationally it takes on average 35 incidents before someone will ask the police for help, so please do something about this sooner as chances are it will happen again.

If you, or someone you know is suffering from domestic abuse we are here to help you. Talk to us or someone you trust and together we can stop domestic abuse.

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