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Call 999 For emergency calls only
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Call 101 If unable to report online

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Cumbria Constabulary is committed to preventing child sexual exploitation, helping victims and bringing offenders to justice. It is a crime that can affect any child, anytime, anywhere - regardless of their social or ethnic background.

It involves offenders grooming young people and using their power to sexually abuse them. It can take many forms, whether it occurs through a seemingly 'consensual' relationship with an older boyfriend, or a young person having sex in return for attention, gifts, alcohol or cigarettes.

Sexual exploitation is child abuse and, although they may not realise it, it puts the young victim at huge risk of damage to their physical, emotional and psychological health.

Many young people who are being abused do not realise they are at risk and will not call for help. They may see themselves as willing participants when in fact their behaviour is anything but consenting. And, while there is no stereotypical victim of exploitation, there are warning signs in children's behaviour that may indicate something is wrong – and if you know what you're looking for, you can take steps to help them.

What signs are there that a child is being sexually exploited?

Select the links below for further advice and information:

- What are the signs you need to know?

- What makes a child more at risk?

- What is Cumbria doing to tackle child sexual exploitation?

- Case Study: Abby's Story

- Case Study: Daniel's Story

- Case Study: Sophie's Story

How can I get help or find out more?

Anyone with concerns about child sexual exploitation can contactCumbria Police on 101. In an emergency always dial 999.

People can also contact the free, 24 hour, anonymous phone and text service provided by Missing People on: 116 000

Call Crimestoppers anonymously on: 0800 555 111

Young Victims can report anonymously online at:

Cumbria Safeguarding Hub on: 0333 240 1727

Cumbria Constabulary have some promotional materials which highlight the issue of CSE. Please e-mail: if you would like further information.  

Whether you are a child, parent/carer or professional working with children there are some really helpful information links which give specific advice to help and support your individual concerns:

- Barnardos




- Missing People

- Pace - Best practice in working with families affected by child sexual exploitation

- Think You Know

- Think You know - Parents

- Cumbria LSCB (Local Safeguarding Children Board)

- 'So you got naked online?' leaflet

Information Videos

Exploitative Relationships: Spotting Sexual Exploitation:

Surviving Abuse:

Duty of Care: A case for mandatory reporting (for professionals or if you are concerned that someone you know is a victim of CSE):


Advice if you or someone you know has been accessing indecent images

What to do if someone you know has been accessing indecent images of children online, advice on what can you do? Select Here for an information leaflet.

If you have been accessing indecent images of children online, advice what can you do? 
Select Here for an information leaflet.

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