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As it becomes darker earlier, please consider the following safety advice:

Protect your Home

  • Fit burglar alarms and good outside security lighting.

  • Lock doors and windows before you go out.

  • Leave a light on in a room and draw curtains when you go out at night.

  • Remove keys from locks and keep out of reach of windows and doors.

  • Ensure your house is secure, preventing someone entering when you are busy elsewhere in the house or garden.

  • Ensure side gates and sheds are locked.

  • Keep gifts, cash and valuables safe and well hidden, so they can’t be seen or reached by thieves.

  • Postcode your valuables with a UV pen, consider registering your valuables with

Protect Yourself

  • Where possible don’t walk alone after dark.

  • Keep to well lit streets avoiding alleys and shortcuts.

  • Watch out for your friends, stay together and get home safely.

  • Consider getting a registered taxi home.

Winter Safety Advice for your Home