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There are teams of people working right across Cumbria from many different organisations to help victims escape the cycle of abuse.

The teams share relevant information and coordinate the most appropriate response for each case which helps to identify and disrupt offenders and identify those who pose the greatest risk. It also means that a whole range of support for children, their families and carers can be put in place where needed.

The teams work closely with young people who are being exploited to firstly get them to recognise that they have been, or are being, exploited, and to find ways of helping them to break free from the position they find themselves coerced into.

Cumbria Police have recruited Against CSE Champions in local areas to help raise awareness in Cumbrian communities. They are made up of PCs & PCSOs whose work includes liaising closely with schools across the county, highlighting dangers, warning signs and raising awareness amongst teenagers, teachers, and parents about sexual exploitation.

We will continue to target, warn and prosecute offenders to hit home the message that CSE is not just unacceptable, it is criminal, and we will pursue those people involved and bring them to justice, irrespective of their backgrounds.

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