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Coronavirus (Covid-19): What we need you to do. We’re asking you please to only call 999 in an emergency and if a non emergency use our online form. If you’re looking for information about the government instruction to stay at home and how that may affect you, you'll find guidance on

Report online For non emergencies
Call 999 For emergency calls only
Call 999 For emergency calls only
Call 101 For all non emergencies
Call 101 For All non emergencies
  • Repeatedly going missing particularly overnight
  • Coming home with unaccounted gifts, i.e. clothes, money, food, jewellery, drugs or mobile phone.
  • Having a relationship with an older partner with whom there may or may not be concerns   
  • Mood swings and changes in behaviour
  • Excessive and secret use of internet and /or mobile phone (potential grooming)   
  • Having several SIM cards, frequent mobile phone top ups   
  • Being unusually secretive
  • Losing contact with family and friends of their own age and associating with an older age group 
  • Unrecognised cars arriving at the home, especially at strange times
  • Alcohol/Substance misuse 
  • Unexplained injuries
  • Lacking self-esteem, leading to a change in personal appearance 
  • Excessive Washing or bathing particularly when returning from missing episodes
  • Repeat sexually – transmitted infections, pregnancy and terminations
  • Absent from school / deterioration in quality of school work
  • Self harm  /thoughts or attempts at suicide
  • Poor Mental Health
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