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Jamie was 17 he worked in the local garage as a trainee mechanic. I remembered him from school as he was a couple of years older than me and I thought he was so good looking!

I used to hang out at the local skate park; Jamie was always there with his mates.
I noticed that he started looking over at me and then one day he came over and asked if I wanted to go for a ride in his car. Jamie had a flash car; he got to drive loads of flash cars because of his job. We went for a drive and all my friends were really jealous.

Jamie told me he really liked me and invited me to go to a house party the next night, he said it would be really good fun.

I was so excited the day of the party, I spent ages getting ready and I went along with my friend. When we got there I went straight over to find Jamie and he introduced me to his mates who were all in their twenties.

There were people there drinking and taking drugs. Jamie gave me some cider and I thought I’d better drink it, in case I didn’t fit in. My friend left early as she didn’t feel comfortable being there with lots of strangers. 

Jamie took me into one of the bedrooms and told me how he and his friends thought I was gorgeous and that I was the best looking girl at the party. He started kissing me, I couldn’t believe it, I was so happy. Jamie told me to try some of the drugs he had on him, he said it would make me feel good.  I was scared but I tried it, I felt sick and out of control. Jamie started having sex with me, I just let him do it because I didn’t want to look boring, but I didn’t really want to do it.

I cried afterwards, Jamie told me I looked ugly when I cried and told me to sort myself out. His best friend came in and Jamie told me I’d better be nice to him as well or he would tell everyone at the party what I was like and they’d all hate me. I let Jamie’s friend have sex with me, I felt disgusting and he really hurt me.

The next day Jamie texted me and told me that if I told anyone what had happened he would make my life hell. He told me there was another party the next week and that I’d better go to it and make myself look nice for his friends. I felt I had to go as I didn’t want Jamie to tell anyone about what I had done with him and his friends. When I got to the party I just started drinking loads and taking drugs just to block it all out, I let his friends have sex with me again.

Even though I knew they were all using me, I kept going to the parties because I was so frightened of what he would say to people about me.

I realised in the end that Jamie only said all those things to me to get me to do what he wanted, and I fell for it.

I felt so lonely and depressed, but I eventually plucked up the courage to tell someone at school, with their support I managed to get some help, which gave me the strength to change what was happening to me and my life.

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