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DanielstoryLike most 15 year old boys I love going social networking sites and chat rooms to chat and with new people.

I live in the country and it can get quite boring as there’s nothing to do, so when I met Ryan and his friend Jack online, this excited me, as they lived in a big city and had loads of fun things to do. I knew they were the same age as me because of their profile pictures and they told me what school they went to.

Ryan and Jack liked all the same things as me, they said they had after school jobs and one day they sent me a train ticket so I could go and visit them. They told me to keep it a secret and because I looked up to them I did. 
When I got to the station a man who said he was Jack’s dad picked me up and took me to his house, but there was no sign of Jack or Ryan, there was just another man there. They told me that Jack wasn’t home from work yet and they gave me a glass of wine to drink while I waited for him. I’d never drunk wine before but I drank it because it seemed grown up and then I had another few glasses, until I got drunk and felt dizzy. I passed out and when I woke up I had no jeans or boxers on. I felt frightened and embarrassed and just wanted to get away as it didn’t feel right.

When I got home I was worried that someone would find out and think I was stupid, so I kept what had happened a secret, I couldn’t tell my parents because they would’ve gone mad at me.

The next evening I got an email with a picture of me naked with a message saying that if you don’t do the things we say we will show this picture to your parents and post it on social networking sites.

I was so worried and felt I had no choice but to do as I was told to do.  By this time I realised Jack and Ryan didn’t exist and that the two men had lied to me by sending fake photos and pretending to be boys of my age.

I got trapped in this situation and they got me to do all sorts of things for them and with them, including sexual things, I could see no way out.  I started drinking and getting into trouble with the police.

One day I was speaking to a police officer about why I’d started getting into trouble and I just blurted out what was happening, they helped me to tell my parents. 
I know they arrested the men and they put me in touch with some people who are helping me and my family, I feel so relieved.

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